Dent Repir San Antiono TX

Modern day cars are equipped with all sorts new and fancy gadgets such as GPS systems, on-board computers and parallel parking cameras. All these features definitely help you in being safe in your car, but that doesn’t mean accidents can’t still happen. Everybody who owns a car knows how frustrating getting dents and dings to your vehicle is, and that they can occur from anywhere.

Thankfully though, there is a solution to these problems if you live in Sanantonio TX and it’s known as Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR for short. PDR is designed to offer you the best looking finish to your car, removing the dent without costing considerable time or money, or to the detriment to the vehicle’s aesthetic. It is also one of the few methods of vehicle repair that is completely mobile, mobile dent repair is a great way to get your car fixed without having to take your car to a body shop.


In most cases, to get an estimate of how much the vehicle damage is going to cost to repair, a photo is usually all that is needed. This not only saves time in figuring out if repair is something you can afford to do, you don’t have to book in your car for an estimate then make another booking after that for it’s repair. All you have to do is send in a photo and you can book to get it repaired straight away. Mobile dent repair means they can fix your vehicle damage wherever is best for you, be that at home in San Antonio Texas or at work.

Using Paintless Dent Removal, you could potentially save up to 70% of the cost of traditional auto body repair shops. Experience technicians make it so you don’t have to waste money on expensive fillers or paints.

The way mobile dent repair works, is the technician gently massages out the dent using specialised tools to return the damaged part of the vehicle to it’s original shape. Because this technique is best suited to vehicles where the panel is dented but the paint is still intact, there is virtually no sign that the car was even damaged in the first place.

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