How Does Paintless Dent Repair Work?

Have you ever wondered how does paintless dent repair work? For many of us, we never would have imagined that we’d ever learn to rely on the phrase of paintless dent repair, but in this busy world we live in, from Mother Nature throwing hail stones to impatient kids pushing their shopping carts into our vehicles, dent damage is sure to happen.

The Problem

We’ve all been there, or I’m betting you know someone who has: You’re out enjoying yourself, maybe shopping at the mall, enjoying the greatest game of your life, or just simply enjoying time with your friends and colleagues. But then it happens – you return to your car just to find a fist-sized dent in it!

Looking closely at the dent (after thoroughly cussing out whoever or whatever may have did this attrocity to your car) you notice that the paint was not damaged – that at least is a relief because you certainly can’t go throwing next month’s mortgage or rent payment into an auto body shop for repairing your vehicle…

So if you’re like me you call a friend or family member, or perhaps even your insurance agent, and ask for some advice. The person at the other end of the phone recommends you take your car over to a PDR Technician. “PDR, what’s that?” you ask. “Why paintless dent repair!” they respond.

“Oh, well how does paintless dent repair work?” you inquire.

The Method

Maybe you heard of PDR before, or maybe you haven’t. But knowing how does paintless repair work would make you feel more at ease with trusting your pride and joy with a PDR Technician. So your contact oblidges and goes on to explain:

There are two different ways that the dent tech will choose to remove the dent from your vehicle. First is the most common method where the tech uses a set of tools to get behind the metal, accessing the dent and pushing it gently back to the surface. After a short while, and by careful scrutiny, the tech is able to make the dent disappear.

And yet if the dent tech cannot access the dent from the underside, then they will use another technique where the dent will be pulled out from the outside. To do this the dent tech takes a plastic tab that is coated with a hot-glue which will not harm the exterior paint when used and attach the tab to the dent. Using another tool the technician carefully prys the tab upward/outwards, removing the dent.

But this method has a side-effect: Pulling the dent out this way causes the metal to bulge into a “high area” (sometimes looking like a small hill or volcano). To correct this, the dent technician uses another tool to tap down the slight bulge to make it lie flat once more, not once damaging the vehicles paint job.

The Solution

After learning what I could on how does paintless dent repair work and the benefits of getting it done (often costs much less than traditional auto body shops, and takes less time, too) I took my vehicle to a qualified dent technician and have been happy with them ever since. Perhaps you, now knowing what I was able to learn, will now be able to do the same.

Has one of the bad scenarios above happen to your vehicle, and now you desperately want to get the dent out of your prized possession? If so, come to Dent Erasers, LLC where you will find a well-trained PDR technician who will be able to remove the dent quickly and effectively, without costing even half as much as an auto body shop. Click here to learn more and set up your appointment today.

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